Explore the Rich History of Italy with Anita Sanseverino

Anita’s lectures on various aspects of Italian Cultural traditions are acclaimed throughout the New York area. She combines in-depth historical facts with an entertaining presentation.She also includes her own personal experiences and encounters with her subjects, giving her presentations a personal context. Her most popular lectures combine her photographs of the Neapolitan Presepio (Nativity Scenes) and the rich history behind its creation and evolution into a high art form, and includes vivid descriptions of Naples and its’ people.

She presents her lecture of the Venetian Carnival in costume and mask and uses her photographs of this colorful celebration to bring the Carnival to life. Anita travels throughout the Tri-State area, bringing her deep knowledge of Italian history and culture, along with her photographs, to various organizations, colleges, high schools,museums, and to any group interested in hearing more about Italian culture.

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